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Water Treatment Plants
Our Water Treatment Plants have elements that help in expelling dangerous pollutants from the household and industrial wastewater prior to releasing it into nature. They have sludge handle, settling tank, aeration tanks and desalination units.
Dosing Pump
We have quality Dosing Pumps that provide precise chemical metering with simple installation, calibration and priming features. These are reliable solutions for varied chemical handling, food processing and water processing industries.
Digital Tds Meter
The provided Digital TDS Meters are successfully outlined for commercial applications. They possess effective hold function to spare measurements for simple recording and reading functions. These are incorporated with precise and proficient microprocessor advancement.
Multiport Valve
Our Multiport Valves are integrated with pneumatic actuators, tagout components, different ball structures and position indicators. They sufficiently minimize dead legs meanwhile optimizing draining function. These are mainly used to backflush or purify varied filter mediums.
High Pressure Pump
These High-Pressure Pumps can work at a uniform rate as demanded by the performance parameters. They are built to work for decades without the requirement of repairs or replacements. These are used in clean rooms and water processing industry.
Filter Housing
The delivered Filter Housings are built to lodge water filter cartridges. These are typically composed of hard plastic material to deliver lasting system for water treatment plants. They are incredibly versatile and are obtainable in distinctive port sizes.
RO Plant
Our RO Plants are specifically made to meet varied output water requirements that differ from general potable to boiler feeding application. These are available with anti-scalant, chemical dosing and pre-filters.
Acrylic Rotameters
The provided Acrylic Rotameters are designed for typical in-line gas and liquid metering applications where working conditions come with the restrictions of metering tubes. They move independently down and up with the liquid flow.
RWP Pump
The RWP Pumps are the best systems for heavy and moderate rainwater harvesting usage. These are adaptable and simpler to use by offering instant and mechanical switching operations between the water supply and the tank.
Spun Cartridge
These Spun Cartridges are delivered in different models with a distinctive feature for water applications. They are best for industrial and residential water treatment ventures. These are built with a pure polypropylene fiber that provides them with broad chemical compatibility.
PH Meter
These PH Meters offer a value about how alkaline, acidic and salty the water or any fluid medium is. They primarily estimate hydrogen ions concentration. These have small units that instantly verify the pH level of liquid media.
UV Filter
Our UV Filters are used in water treating systems to removes unrequired flavor, odor, color and taste from the liquid mediums. These do not change the liquid chemistry while processing it. they are made to give reliable operations and elevated proficiency with less installation space and maintenance requirements.